Simple Anti-Aging Solutions that Make You Look Younger

Antiaging_2174Every woman would love to reach 60 years old and look at least 40. Without taking into considerations factors such as a severe illness or an accident, with enough care, every woman could pull this off without too much trouble. It’s true that it does take some time and perseverance, but if you’re really looking for having the good looks even at 60 years old, then you should take care of yourself starting very early.

There’s not a universal secret to this, because every woman is different, so this means that her body and organism will answer differently to the exterior stimuli. However, some things work for everyone, and it’s best if you could discover what works best for you.

Let’s see now some anti-aging solutions that you could try and see what you get.

Sport and Movement

You’ve definitely seen that those who practice a sport have a skin that is flawless and almost perfect. We’re not talking here about those who take steroids, but about those people who work out naturally, about 30-40 minutes every day. What’s the catch with this? It’s easy – any kind of exercise will determine the blood to circulate through the body and the functions of the organs to improve. This will help the cells regenerate faster and your brain will receive the right amount of oxygen. You don’t have to strain yourself – you could swim, run, take yoga lessons, or anything else that you like.

The secret to this is that it helps your body lose the toxins that accumulate or that have been accumulating, helping your body stay healthier and fitter. This also improves the aspect of the skin and how you look – a beautifully shaped body looks younger for a longer period of time.

Natural Oils

If you’d like to give a boost to your skin, then use sesame oil or anything else that is organic and good for the skin. Rub yourself every morning with it before taking a shower, and use it from head to toe. You will see that not only will it help with your blood circulation, but it will also remove the dead skin cells that you have. Once this ritual is over, take a shower – the oil will be taken off from your body,  your skin will be soft and with a healthy glow.


There are plenty of beauty product companies that offer you natural collagen to use for your face. Take a look at several of them and see which one has the best reviews – from actual buyers (and you can find these online very easily) and start using it.

The collagen should not be used daily, but at least once or twice per week. Make it your beauty routine – in the evening, after you take the makeup off, spread the collagen onto your face, neckline and chest and massage it gently until you don’t feel it anymore on your skin.

anti-aging3This will refresh the skin and it will help your body produce its own collagen storage on the face and neckline – the areas that lose it fastest.

Natural Makeup Remover

Instead of using creams and other products that you can find in stores, look for a shop that offers home-made products from natural ingredients, or look for a recipe that can help you make your own makeup remover. What works best is the parsley tea – however, this cannot be used more than a day or two. You could brew a cup of parsley tea every two days, keep it in the fridge and use it for removing the makeup.

It’s natural, made from natural ingredients, it has no parabens or other harmful substances and it cleans your skin perfectly, leaving behind a healthy glow.